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Wilton and Deb Hogge Recommends Karen Robins Carnegie

My husband was given a list by the Commissioner of Accounts in the city of Chesapeake of three Attorneys to assist him with his duties of completing the Estate Accounting for his mother's estate...upon inspection of the list we decided on the name Karen Carnegie (partly because of her location) however her name just spoke to us...this become one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Karen "Kacey" was so incredibly helpful, knowledgeable as well as professional and compassionate that we have "Thanked God" numerous times for directing us to her name.

Her expertise in this area of law is unsurpassed as she assisted us with a process that is never easy as well as she always had an answer for any of the numerous questions we had.

During one of the most challenging times we have experienced I could not imagine enduring it without her by our side. I can state with pride that she was truly someone who was sent to us by divine intervention and for that and her we are forever grateful,

– Wilton and Deb Hogge

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